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December 26, 2007

Our Own Winter Holiday

Because all holidays have been created by humans and are, therefore, made up, our family decided that we not only could but should make up our own winter holiday. We haven’t finished figuring out just what our holiday will be, but we do seem to have agreed that any quality holiday should at the very least include:

  • chocolate
  • comic books
  • family
  • food
  • music

Those items aren’t listed in order of importance, although I would argue that chocolate does, indeed, rank first.

Happy winter holidays, no matter how/if/why you celebrate.

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December 15, 2007

Confessions of Book Snob, or, How I Started Reading Comic Books and Graphic Novels

I‘m somewhat new to the medium of comics in general and graphic novels in particular, which is odd because for 15 years I’ve been married to a guy who owns hundreds, if not thousands, of comic books. They’re all bagged, boarded, and stored away where the kids can’t get their sticky little fingers on them — unless they ask first. I admit I’ve been a bit of a book snob, looking down on comics as a lesser form of storytelling, as genre unworthy of my precious little free time, rather than as a legitimate storytelling medium or format that works well for many genres. Until recently, I not only had no interest in comics, but I actively stayed away from them. I mean, really, aren’t comic books for kids?

Why, yes they are! Some of them, anyway. (But many, if not most, are not.) And miraculously one day my kids started reaching the age where they could appreciate comic books. And poof! I was seeing comic books lying around the house. Turns out, comic books are a fantastic medium for my son because he’s still learning to read. He can follow the basic storyline of a decent comic book even if he can’t read the text. And comic books don’t make him feel like he’s reading a “baby book,” as some of the cute-little-bunny-laden early readers make him feel. Plus, even after he’s read a comic book to himself, he still wants me or my husband to read him the book from cover to cover, so he eventually understands the entire story.
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January 3, 2007

People Are Good

But some people are “gooder” than others.

Like Wesley Autrey from NY:

A quick-thinking commuter saved a teenager who apparently suffered a seizure and fell onto subway tracks in Upper Manhattan, by jumping onto the tracks himself and pushing them both between the rails, beneath the oncoming train.Cameron Hollopeter, 19, of Littleton, Mass., fell onto the tracks at Broadway’s 137th Street station Tuesday. Another subway passenger, 50-year-old Wesley Autrey of Manhattan, was standing on the platform with his two daughters whom he was taking home so he could go to his construction job.

When Autrey saw Hollopeter fall, he quickly took action and left his daughters to jump on the tracks to bring the man to safety as an oncoming train approached.

Amazing! Even more amazing? The train didn’t touch either man, even though two cars drove over them before the train could come to a complete stop. They had about a two-inch clearance above their bodies. That’s it.

It’s only the first week of January, and I don’t know if any other story in 2007 will compare to this tale of bravery, compassion, and quick thinking.