Book I Edited Won an Award

How very cool! I spent most of last summer editing a book, Campus Calm University, by Maria Pascucci, who self-published it in the fall. About a week ago, Maria learned that the book won a Gold Gold Medal in 13th Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards!

If you have a child in college or know someone who has a child in college, I highly recommend Maria’s book. Not only is it superbly edited (heh, heh), but the subject is one near and dear to my heart. Maria wrote the book (and started her company, Campus Calm) to help students relax and live emotionally healthier lives while in college so that they set themselves on a lifelong path of fulfillment and success (which each person defines for herself). The book includes chapters on learning again how to love learning, being creative, focusing inward, thinking big, and just plain having fun. Pascucci doesn’t advocate being irresponsible and/or partying for four years; she advocates embracing the college experience by slowing down enough to figure out what you really love to learn and to do and then pursuing those things.

As you might imagine, the book’s stop-and-smell-the-roses theme resonated with me. Many of the things Maria writes about, from anxiety-ridden, over-scheduled students, to kids who take courses only to check off graduation requirements, to students who care only about their GPA and not what they’re learning, reflect perfectly what Mr. Enigma and I hope our children can avoid by being homeschoolers. They have the time to follow their interests and the environment in which to truly know themselves. We don’t ever want to hear them ask, literally or figuratively, “Will this be on the test?”

Seriously, I know I’m biased, but Campus Calm University is a great book and a great read for anyone — even us old folks out in the so-called real world — who has found him- or herself caught in the rat race and who feels stressed out and stuck. If you need some calm, on campus or off, check out Campus Calm University.

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  1. JJ Ross said,

    June 24, 2009 @ 9:39 am

    Serendipity! — I must read this book.
    Your post connects to the Shakespeare Summer Camp we signed Young Son up for yesterday. It’s being offered at an alternative high school for hippies and artists called SAIL - School for Arts and Innovative Learning.

    It’s on the other side of town (the old, poor side) so we’d never seen it. So stepping onto the shabby little concrete-block site on a very hot summer day when school wasn’t even in session, we were amazed and delighted to find waterfalls and features around every corner, all “on.” You could see and hear burbling water over rocks wherever you walked or sat, with country flowers tucked here and there but nothing fussy or manicured. In such an otherwise scruffy and schoolish setting, it was the oddest sense of peace and calm coupled with happy surprise and energy (the water constantly moving, as if alive and playing.)

    As an old school hand I’ve been on a lot of campuses at every level from nursery school through grad school. FSU’s law school has a lovely “green” with little white cottages connected by an Old South-vernacular raised wooden walkway. Many are beautiful and expensive, some modern, some historic. But I’ve never seen this particular approach and it was just wonderful!

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