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July 28, 2006

You Eyeballing Me?

The hairy eyeball



July 18, 2006

He’s a Poet But Didn’t Know It

My kids started swimming lessons at the town lake last week. The kids were in the water with the lifeguards/swim instructors, who were busy assessing each child’s swiming level and then sorting them into groups. After each child demonstrated his or her skill, the lead instructor called his/her name and the group number to which she was assigning the child. “Karen, group 2!”

As one of the youngest kids finished his demonstration, the teacher said, “Omar, group 1!”

And then I heard my five-year-old son, The Duke of Hazard™, who was swirling around nearby say, “Omar. Omar Khayyám.”

I stifled my laughter, confident that the average pre-kindergartner doesn’t know the names of 12th century Pesian poets. Of course, The Duke knows the name not because his parents read him the classics, but because he’d recently watched a Rocky & Bullwinkle episode, in which the daring duo found a Ruby Yacht and returned it to Omar Khayyám (under great duress, I might add).

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